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Besides being an artist, I'm also a writer! Check out some of my books below, courtesy of Lulu Publishing. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Winnie Whitlock's Guide to Poetry

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“With Rhyming and Meter and Lines galore, write Free Verse and Haikus and much, much more!”

Winnie Whitlock is a young girl with a passion for writing, but like many, she dreads working with poetry. So when her teacher instructs the class to write a poem by the end of the day, she is distraught. However, throughout her day, she finds herself inspired by grand images of pranks, playgrounds, and nasty school food, and she realizes that -- despite how confusing they may seem -- poems can be much, much more than they appear.

Winnie Whitlock’s Guide to Poetry teaches intermediate readers how to have fun writing poetry and encouraging others in a fun, engaging way.

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